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» Libraries, maps and platforms from Lorcan Dempsey's weblog
Thom previews Mike Teets' library mapping demo on the evolving Product works page. This page will be enhanced in coming weeks to showcase various of the ongoing initiatives which will find their way into OCLC services. Google Maps seems to have sparked... [Read More]

» Standing on the maps of Google at OCLC from CIE Thoughts
(with apologies to Sir Isaac Newton for my misappropriation of his words!) I've talked previously about work from Talis and the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) here in the UK, both leveraging the power and reach of Google Maps to... [Read More]

» OCLC gets on the Maps from panlibus
Its good to see OCLC following us, in producing a screen shot of a Google Maps demo. As preview-announced by Thom Hickey in Outgoing and discussed as an example of using Web 2.0 Platform Services by Lorcan Dempsey in his... [Read More]

» AJAX from Lorcan Dempsey's weblog
Ajax buzz continues to be high. And Thom continues to write about implementation experience, in this case looking at how one might work with standard protocol exchanges with SRU. The initial impetus for changing to AJAX for Web applications is to impro... [Read More]


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