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Jeff Heynen

These objects are the same in the edition of Cutter's Rules of 1875 (printed 1876). I suppose that might have been the first. With the Objects are given Means. See scan here:
The footnote at "Form-entry" reads: "Here the whole is designated by its most important member. The full name would be form-and-language entry. Kind-entry would not suggest the right idea."

Here's citation:
Cutter, Charles A. (Charles Ammi), 1837-1903.
Rules for a printed dictionary catalogue / by Charles A. Cutter.
Washington : G.P.O., 1876, 89pp.

At head of title: U.S. Bureau of Education. Special report on public libraries. Part II.

Jeff Heynen (at LC but speaking for himself alone)

Laura Akerman

" We need reviews, cover art, and access to at least some of the book, such as tables of contents...."

One group that's trying to do something about this is the Catalog Enrichment Initiative, also known as the "Richcat" project. Although the website hasn't been updated in awhile (http://www.loc.gov/standards/catenrich/), the group is actively investigating possibilities, including automated processes to use scanned tables of contents to enrich catalog records and more. Stay tuned...


" We need reviews, cover art, and access to at least some of the book, such as tables of contents...."

Amazon has done this to a 'T'. I wonder if OPACs could link to sites like amazon? There would be many issues around copyright, and around for-profits mixing with non-profits, but I just though I'd ask the question anyway.

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