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In my previous post I talked about author identification. Afterwards, I found that this issue was also discussed on the weblogs of two OCLC researchers, Thom Hickey and Lorcan Dempsey. It sure is worth your time to read what they have to say about it. To [Read More]



Maxresults didn't seem to have any effect at all when I used it. Not a showstopper, but still a bug?


Neat look-up service! My question: why wouldn't "Eaton, John" also find the folks I found with "Eaton, John H"? If I hadn't already known the middle initial, I wouldn't have found the established name for my target individual.


Maxresults is a bit of a hold over from the earlier service. We'll either drop it or make it work.

Good point about John Eaton. Evidently the code thought there were enough good matches not to go further. A 'next page' link would help.



I searched on a Korean name (Myung Mi Kim, who apparently doesn't have a name record) and the results I got (Firefox on OSX) weren't correctly encoded for display.

I know character encoding is a rats' nest, though.


Argh. Yes, she does have a record -- being conditioned by OPACs, I did a last-name-first search and got bogus results. Perhaps a note on the page?

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