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We have been interested in the great interest expressed in xISBN. It receives heavy traffic and seems to show how useful an easily recombinable web service can be. Thom compares the newer thingISBN service on LibraryThing with xISBN. Richard Wallis sho... [Read More]


Tim Spalding

Thanks for mentioning it.

Yes, it should always give the same ISBNs. (However, it's based on live data, without any cacheing, so an ISBN could be added in between requests.)

On the differences, while it's true that "thingISBN relies on explicit links across editions/expressions" and xISBN relies on algorithms, another difference is in who's creating the links/algorithms. LibraryThing's links are made by "regular people," xISBN's by "authoritative people." I should add that an algorithm does make a stab at associating new ISBNs, but it doesn't go much beyond comparing title and author strings with the punctuation removed.

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