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How many percentage of the people have more/less publications during their lifetime than afterwards? Which people have been forgotten and had a revival during the 1960s? I think this is just a glimpse to Semantic Web (with a SPARQL-Interface to WorldCat Identities people may answer such questions, but this is for 2008/2009).

By the way if you catch the year of birth and dead with substring-before(substring-after(//pnkey,'$'),' ') and substring-after(substring-after(//pnkey,'$'),' ') then you can mark publications during lifetime of a person in a different color in the dateLoop-template.

Jodi Schneider

What's the earliest known author in WorldCat?

Identities is a great resource. I'd love to see more entrees for browsing in it.


I don't have a good answer for who is the first author. All the old dates I see in WorldCat look suspect to me.

We're open to suggestions for other ways to access the pages or otherwise navigate once you've found one.


K.G. Schneider

Ok, Identities will continue to irk me until it shows my real publication history, but I post here because I am looking for information on WorldCat and SPARQL. Hello kitty?

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