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Bill Oldroyd

You surprise me a little with this discussion.

Surely wrapping the SRU response with a stylesheet just increases the size of the response.

Stylesheets should be cached in the browser, which would not happen if the stylesheet is returned with the SRU response.

In our systems a typical SRU search returns the XML (10 records about 25K) and stylesheets for presentation of the metadata, standard page layout and code to text conversions (e.g. language codes).

Where the SRU request is returned by a database (as opposed to a gateway to Z39.50 say) the response time is very quick.



Yes, you would think the stylesheets would be cached. I'm sure it varies by browser and cache setting, but my experience is that they are not. At any rate, the possible extra bytes don't slow things down much, as there seems to be more latency time than transmission time for this size file.

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