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walt crawford

I'm inclined to suggest that the generalization and formalization of OpenURL (from 0.1, an open but informal standard, to 1.0, a NISO standard), burdened it with a whole bunch of SillyNames/"standardese."

Probably necessary for precision. Probably necessary to expand OpenURL's potential uses. Definitely makes it harder for someone to get a handle on what it's all about.

[I do speak from experience, albeit on the "generation" side of the equation, since I specified our OpenURL 0.1 implementation without outside help other than ExLibris' brief document--and spent MUCH longer just trying to comprehend early 1.0 documents. For that matter, the complexity of the standardese may help explain why Eureka was the first *and only* OpenURL source to report completed 1.0 interoperability testing during the trial period, even though we probably had the smallest design/program/test group of anyone in the field. For me, the breakthrough was finally understanding that 1.0, for typical database purposes on the sender's side, is just 0.1 with fancy language.]

Bill Drew

May I quote/copy your post to send out to others? Your explanation is clear and concise.

Herbert Van de Sompel

Too bad Walt feels this way. OpenURL is - I think - an extremely powerful standard that could be a platform for many more applications than your typical linking server. The standard indeed has some complexity to it, and I have been waiting for someone in our community to do some work and translate it to become readable by "a broader audience". Any takers?
By all means, it is clear that Jeff is really getting what it is all about.

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