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eric hellman

Hi everyone!,

My name is Eric Hellman, and I direct the business unit at OCLC that has been charged with taking the xISBN prototype and developing it into a production-quality service. My business unit has been deploying and maintaining web-based services at 99.9+% uptime for a number of years now, and we expect to do the same with xISBN and related services.

The current level of xISBN service will remain free; there will be enhanced levels of service and support that we feel confident will deliver excellent value for reasonable subscription fees.

We have not publicised our schedule yet because I despise vapor. We are still staffing the project (see
http://jobs-oclc.icims.com/oclc_jobs/jobs/candidate/job.jsp?jobid=1128&mode=view )

If anyone has questions about our plans with regard to xISBN, please feel free to contact me ar eric@openly.com).

Jeffrey Tooker

I am trying to find an ISBN number for OCLC: 12866451. The title is "The Register of Baptisms, Marriages & Burials of the Parish of Colyton
by Colyton (England), A. J. P. Skinner - Registers of births, etc - 1928
I am a retired electrician not a librarian. Please Help.

Jeffrey Tooker


ISBNs have only been assigned since the 1960's, so it is not surprising there is no ISBN associated with a 1928 publication. In many ways the OCLC# is a reasonable substitute.


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