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Jon Gorman

Couldn't help but wonder, is St. Nicholas there? Santa's certainly an interesting example because of how many cross-references/different names are going to be out there for the same "identity". Heck, I'd wager you'd even want a search for "Jolly Old Elf" to be associated with him, even though his status as an elf is under some debate by scholars ;).


The Santa Claus record has see also's to Christmas, Department store Santas and Saint Nicholas' Day.

The original St. Nicholas is a personal name entered as Nicholas,$c Saint, Bp. of Myra.



How about Fred Cassidy?


Fred Cassidy is, of course, the main character of Roger Zelazny's often overlooked masterpiece Doorways in the Sand. Unfortunately Fred never achieved 'identity' status in library catalogs, probably because he didn't appear in any other books.
There are better known characters that haven't made it yet either. For instance Warf, of Star Trek fame, hasn't (while Kirk, McCoy, and Spock have and all have authority records).


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