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Roy Tennant

Thom, it was actually "P. Melanchthon" who asked about J.K. Rowling, but no matter. Thanks for the upcoming fix. I really hate to have non-programmers see obtuse Java error messages. Come to think of it, I hate them for anyone. ;-)


+1 on the request for cool URLs (that can be used as identifiers).

Cynthia J. Rogers

Hello - I think Worldcat Identities is a great idea. I am wondering whether entries are updated automatically as Worldcat bibs are updated. Like if an author has two entries in Worldcat now, and another title by that author is added tomorrow, will it automatically be added to the author's Worldcat Identity entry at some point?

Response: Sorry, for now we are working with a copy of WorldCat pulled at the beginning of 2007. Typically we update our research copy twice a year, so any WorldCat changes probably won't show up until July. --Th


Is there a 1-to-1 relationship between WorldCat Identities and LoC authority records? The former is obviously much richer so why using the latter at all in the future? ;-) The authority link of Harry Potter seems to be wrong, but I am not that familiar with LoC authorities. I have been waiting for available results of VIAF for about 2 years - could you add links to the PND record where available (for instance http://dispatch.opac.d-nb.de/DB=4.1/PPN?PPN=118802976
or http://dispatch.opac.d-nb.de/DB=4.1/REL?PPN=118802976 at Alan Turing)? Currently WorldCat and WorldCat Identities is nice but too US-centered for a real worldwide use. You should think about Microformats (they will be supported in FireFox 3.0) or some other way to better distribute the Identity data so it can be used in the Semantic Web and for MashUps that may also better fit for the need of non US-users. Nice work and greetings!

Response: The Harry Potter link is a 'known problem' and we'll be fixing it soon. Adding the PND links is a good idea, and is on our list of things to do. We don't have any specific plans for microformats right now, but are open to suggestions. We probably should be supporting COINS at least.

I'll do a posting about the relationship between the pages and the NACO authority file.


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