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Interesting idea: since no one else has commented, here are belated random ideas.
One straightforward picture would be a paired timeline, e.g. one author at the top and the other timeline underneath, reflected so that their publications extended downwards. Titles with which they were jointly associated could be coded so that they were visible within each of these timelines (i.e. counting them twice, to make a symmetric pattern above and below the line). Here the interface/overlap between the two individuals is a cluster around a horizontal line, though info of variable length might more naturally be comparatively arranged vertically.
Another idea: a column of tags relating to X only , a column of tags relating to Y only, and in between (either as a column or more cunningly spaced according to the extent to which they were shared) tags which applied to both.
You can clearly identify cases of 'X wrote about Y', and also have the MARC relator codes. I wonder how pairs of these would cluster in your dataset. I've often thought it would be wonderful if there were some way to pick out authors who wrote books attacking other authors, or who were paired as controversial disputants, but information about that sort of polarity of association unfortunately isn't there in MARC. You're right that this is data it hasn't been easy to isolate as a focus of attention before, and hence we don't have well-developed ways of seeing or labelling the sorts of relations there are.

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