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Jonathan Rochkind

Last month, I was fifth for my LAST name. with an entry for my blog, and had another mention on the first google page, a couple more on the second, etc. (Forget my first name).

This month, I'm on the second page mentioned on someone elses blog, and my blog isnt' until like the fifth page.

I have no idea what happened. I mean, my blog got more popular, but somehow I was penalized?

In The Future, everyone will be on the first Google page for 15 minutes.

Jon Gorman

I've also noticed it's been true for a long time that being associated with software development boosts up your google rank and overall web presence. I agree with John Undell, I think this will drop off over time.

It makes a certain amount of sense. Doctors and English professors aren't necessarily going to spend as much time creating resources that link to each others pages, but it's still pretty trivial for a software engineer to do so. This feeds the Google monster in a variety of ways. Also, software developers just spend more time on the computer than most folks, so even their click-throughs are likely to throw things off. It would be interesting to see population statistics and web engine use by a variety of factors.

Merrilee Proffitt

Wow, that's kind of startling -- a search on my name comes up with my super outdated homepage as the first result, and other pages related to me come up below that. Merrilee Rush (Angel of the Morning fame) comes up further down.

Roy Tennant

I come up at about item #11 (second page, but advertising gets in the way), for a search on "Roy". But oddly enough, the results are slightly different whether you search on "roy" or "Roy". Go figure.

walt crawford

Hmm. #6 under "walt" (which surprises me), around #50 and #51 under "crawford" (and I expected even lower)...and #1-7 under walt crawford without quotes.

So I'm going to disappear in October, when I leave OCLC? Could happen, I suppose...or maybe not.

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