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For myself, I think I'd probably want to store these authority identifiers as info:lccn or info:oclcnum URIs, and generate OpenURLs from them only as required.

Is an OCLC Authority Record Number the same thing as an "oclcnum" as defined for "info" URIs?

Response: The Authority Record Number is separate from the info oclcnum. We should probably establish an info URI pattern for it. --Th

Peter Murray

Nicely done! Thanks for the extended explanation. Your earlier comment makes sense now.

Peter Murray

A follow up observation, Thom --

I noticed that if I start at the browse page for Jane Austin (http://worldcat.org/identities/find?fullName=jane+austen) that the links to the records are much shorter (a link based on LCCN -- http://worldcat.org/identities/lccn-n79-32879 -- in the case of records with authority control and a text-oriented one -- http://worldcat.org/identities/nc-jane%20austen$1775%201817 -- in the case of records without authority control). I think it would be true that these shorter URLs would more likely be the Subject or Object of semantic web assertions...more so than the longer, OpenURL-based URIs. Does OCLC have a position on how Worldcat services (both Identities and the bibliographic database) could and should be used in semantic web assertions?

Response: I'm not aware of a position, and it probably depends on what you are doing. We do think of the URI with the LCCN as the canonical URI for the resource (and that is what we use internally to link the pages). It gets complicated, though, with things like WorldCat local which has its own URL pattern. I'll expand on this in another post. --Th

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