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Peter Murray

Congratulations, Thom -- to you and everyone at OCLC that made this possible. Nicely done. One question: I couldn't quite figure out what you meant by "The links are not hard links, but actually OpenURLs." Does 'hard' mean 'persistent' or something else?


Thanks. Yes, getting this sort of thing up involves quite a bit of work from a number of people.

Maybe what I should have said was that the links are not 'direct'. They go to an OpenURL resolver that looks at the context object passed as key-value pairs and tries to determine the correct Identities page to return. In some cases it can't tell and will send you to a disambiguation page.

I'll do another post that discusses this in more detail.


Jonathan Rochkind

Nice. "fmt:kev:mtx:identity" ? Is that (and the subsequent rft.* values which are new to me) actually part of any OpenURL standard, or did you guys just make that up?


I knew someone would ask that. We just made it up, but do intend to make things official at some point.


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