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The problem of ISBD is, on the first look, it can co-exist with marc, but after some try. You find it in-compatible with MARC.

Anyone try to generate full ISBD from UNIMARC known this.

It is time to drop ISBD completely.

Or an ISBD version which can be fully generated from (at least UN)MARC, i.e., use BNF to define it.

J. McRee Elrod

You make two basic mistakes. You assume ISBD is punctuation. ISBD is primarily a selection and order of elements. Punctuation is secondary.
You assume 110 has ISBD punctuation. ISBD (speaking in MARC terms) begins with 245 and ends with 5XX notes and 0XX standard numbers. Main, added, and subject entries are outside ISBD.

John Hostage

I don't understand why you were studying the 110 field, or what that has to do with ISBD, since the ISBD says nothing about headings.

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