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Jonathan Rochkind


Where in VIAF are you linking to LCCNs? I can't find anywhere.

NAF authority files aren't available from LC in this linking/content form, are they? Or are they?

I haven't asked LC, but the Web pages only talk about bibliographic records (and auhtority LCCNs don't work).

You have to open up a record based on an LC/NACO authority record to see the links, and then scroll down to the bottom to see them. Here's a page with links at the bottom:



lorcan dempsey

nice page ;-)

Ann Della Porta

LC is not able to offer a permalink service for authorities with its current system. We're using Z39.50/SRU for bib permalinks, but the server does not support Z39.50/SRU for authority data. We would like to provide this service, but we don't have a plan or schedule for implementation yet.

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