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Jonathan Rochkind

If it were possible to get more SRU examples, that would be helpful!

Jonathan Rochkind

Actually, I guess I don't need examples, but I'm running into some real weirdness.

Why does this SRU search for firstname:Emma, lastname:Goldman return as the first result a very weird alternate record, instead of the main record that the NameFinder succesfully relevancy ranks first. Is the relevancy ranking being used in namefinder not being used in SRU?


And what do the "Fuzzy" elements do?

I expected FuzzyName would use a very similar algorithm to the name finder. But the NameFinder succesfully finds "Emma Goldman", but SRU on FuzzyName does not. Huh?


I really want to use this functionality in some software. I was initially very excited by the very flexible and powerful search APIs you seemed to offer, but I'm having trouble putting them into practice. I'd like the enhanced control that SRU offers, but for some reason the NameFinder seems to be a lot more powerful at actually finding the right record. What's going on?

We're working with Jonathan to try to answer his questions. I'll do another posting summarizing the additional information he needed.


joseph wen

where to get the explain record for each services?


Only the SRU service provides Explain records. If you are interested in SRU access to Identities, try this URL: http://worldcat.org/identities/search/Identities. In a browser, that URL will bring up a simple search interface. But, if you view the source of that page, you will see that it was rendered from the Explain record delivered by the SRU server.


Stuart Miller

The OpenURL examples provided here are gibing HTTP Status 500 errors. I assume something has changed?

Stuart Miller

Oops, my mistake. The OpenURLs are working. Sorry for any confusion.

Joana Roig Equey

Why the Worldcat catalog is not linking shows up the woldcat identities?
Like: http://pcu.bage.es/index.php?q=node/1692091&hit=1&caller=xc-search

Do you recomend to link identities in all the authors or just the main entrance?


Not sure what you mean, as the WCat Identities link there appears to be working. We recommend linking to individual authors, not the entrance page.


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