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A fellow alum at my alma mater (UNCG) once told me that mastering library hand was still required in her cataloging course in library school in the mid-1960s so who knows how long it was part of some programs? Great blog post.


Poking around in Google Books a bit I found an interesting 'meditation' by Michael Gorman.

Here's the book in WorldCat: Our singular strengths : meditations for librarians



OMG! Times were so simple then that they had to create complexity.


Until we find a way around some of our difficulties with getting the label printing wizard in our ILS to work the way we want, I still have to print legibly enough for our student workers to read the call numbers and enter the label information. Library hand may not be taught in library schools anymore, but that doesn't necessarily mean we can get away with sloppy handwriting. Too bad my 5's look like S's and vice versa...

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