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Larry Truthan

side wheeler
stern wheeler

Larry Truthan



Some of these were already covered by the regular expressions. Here are counts for new ships in Larry's suggestions:

propeller 0
scow 28
yawl 27
side wheeler 1
stern wheeler 0
lifeboat 0
surfboat 0
skipjack 2
barquentine 1
motoryacht 0
self-unloader 12
sandsucker 0
fish-tug 0
1000-footer 0
catboat 0
whaleback 17


Ross O'Neil

Thom, I've followed your blogs on ships with interest. Now that you have gathered all these ships together (which was a great achievement in itself - well done!), perhaps an even more daunting task will be to unravel them. Take the example of Sydney, a popular name for HM Australian Ships of the 20th c. There have been 4 I think (2 cruisers, a frigate and an aircraft carrier). A search in WA under Sydney Ship finds only a few entries and this may be because the LC authority is n84169068 'Sydney (Ship)'. This is an unused form of heading in the Australian NBD authority file which identifies them separately. What are your thoughts as to how to proceed with this task?

Probably the ideal way to proceed is to extend the VIAF to corporate names (including ships). That would help identify places where one name is essentially an undifferntiate form.

Randy Biddle

I applaud your efforts. If you are 'only' seeking terms that could be useful in locating articles etc about ships you are certainly on the right tack. However, if you intend to build a database of vessels according to their 'characteristics' the problem is more difficult. For example: a frigate can be powered by steam, sail, both steam and sail, or more modern plants using, gasoline, oil, or nuclear power. Definitions of ketch, sloop, schooner, brigantine, brig, and others have changed over time. There were both ship sloops and single mast sloops in the Royal Navy in the age of sail. At the moment I don't have a foolproof classification scheme to offer but have consulted with colleagues on this point a few times. Thanks for the opportunity to comment. Randy Biddle - researcher and author in maritime history, builder of fine scale ship models, repairs and restorations.

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