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John Mark Ockerbloom

Thank you; I'm very glad to hear this! I hope that a notice like this can also be put on viaf.org, or linked there, since the links from there now suggest a much less open policy.

I would also like to request a dump of the current file. I've got a number of things I could do with it, some along the lines of what I've done with id.loc.gov subjects.


Ed Chamberlain

This is a great thing, any chance of an explicit license (i.e. CC0 data, PDDL) statement for the whole thing?

Yes there is. We are moving VIAF to an OCLC supported service and are working out the many details this entails, including licenses. Two we are looking at are Open Data Commons ODC-By and ODC-ODbL. If you have comments about the applicability of those we would be interested in hearing about them.

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