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Jeffrey Beall

This is a very good and helpful summary of the status quo of idintifiers for personal names -- thanks.

Peter Murray

Thom -- I got stuck at the first paragraph:

Currently, VIAF covers personal, corporate and jurisdictional names, but other names such as those for works, expressions, families, trademarks, and non-jurisdictional geographic names are all within the scope of VIAF.
I didn't know the scope of VIAF names of works and expressions. In fact, I'm not sure what that means. Is it like a uniform title? Could you say more and/or point to information about this? Thanks.


Yes, we are looking at including uniform titles. Uniform titles are used for several things, but two of the main ones are to identify works (e.g. Shakespeare's Hamlet) and expressions (a particular translation of Hamlet to French). The terminology is from FRAD (Functional Requirements for Authority Data).


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