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Ryan Shaw

Some of the files are larger than 7 Gigabytes; if the site appears slow, please stop downloading and come back later.

Sounds like a job for tersaur


May I ask why the Wikipedia article names are all-lowercase on the VIAF website? Since the links are all right and this display is used nowhere in Wikipedia either, I don't see the problem with displaying the names correctly.


The lowercase Wikipedia names are a temporary condition. Right now we just used a pull from Wikipedia that was done for background use. We plan a new extraction soon which will address the lowercase and other issues with Wikipedia.


Owen Stephens

Have the DBpedia links disappeared? Are they coming back? Thanks.

Adrian Stevenson

Hi Thom. Unless we're missing something we've just spotted that the DBPedia links have gone from the VIAF RDF. This seems a real shame. It's how we got all the sameas to DBPedia for the locah project (http://archiveshub.ac.uk/locah/) and http://data.archiveshub.ac.uk linked data so was a significant VIAF use case for us. Am I missing something?

Ade Stevenson


Oops! I assume we are talking about the rdf file that used to point to DBPedia.

The way we are handling Wikipedia has changed. That change had the unintended consequence of eliminating the DBPedia links. Should be fixable. We will probably put out a new file with a slightly different name with the DBPedia links included.


Update (2012.11.15): There is a new RDF file with the DBPedia links in it. http://viaf.org/viaf/data now shows it. The online equivalent will be updated soon.

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